Plumbing Video Inspection: Avoid Costly Problems!

Video cameras have become one of the most valuable tools in the plumbing business. Specially made fiber optic cameras allow our plumbers to visually inspect underground sewer lines and other piping to determine the inside condition of your plumbing pipe, as well as the nature of hard-to-clear blockages in your plumbing.

Video Inspection Saves You BIG MONEY... Now, and in The Future!

Before Plumbing Video Cameras, plumbers had to use educated 'guess-work' (or trial-and-error) to locate plumbing issues and blockages. This, with no guarantee that the plumber could find the source of the problem without having to dig up a large portion of your lawn, or spend hours trying to locate your plumbing problem.

Our Video Recording Eliminates Plumbing Guesswork!

With the use of our state-of-the-art video inspection equipment, Hulsey Plumbing saves you money and we avoid having to destroy your lawn in the plumbing repair process.  We use this highly sophisticated plumbing video technology to locate and identify your problem quickly and accurately.  Our cameras are in the plumbing line which allow us to give you a more precise estimate of the cost for your plumbing repair.

Benefits of our Plumbing Video Inspection

  • Our plumbers will locate the source of your plumbing problem FASTER, which saves you money
  • We will find your problem BEFORE we dig, which means MINIMAL disruption to your landscaping
  • The EXACT AREA where your pipe is blocked or damaged is identified - NO MORE GUESSWORK!
  • We find and repair blocked or broken plumbing pipes BEFORE impending damage or problems occur

How Plumbing Video Inspection Works

Our plumbers use Plumbing Video Cameras to identify pipe damage and obstructions that inhibit proper plumbing flow, as well as those that may create occasional or repeated backups.

A flexible rod with a high-resolution color video camera on its tip is inserted by our plumber into the pipe for your plumbing inspection. As the cable is pushed through the pipe, the protected, waterproof camera, equipped with powerful lights, records the findings within the inside of your plumbing pipe. Video images are transmitted to a video monitor where our plumber technician views the problem in real-time, and thus makes an informed diagnosis of any problems found. The plumber will then show you the plumbing problem as it is identified.

When inspecting pipes that are deeper in the ground, radio transmitters on the Plumbing Video Camera record the depth and physical location from the surface so that defects and obstructions within your plumbing can be more precisely located, correctly identified and be resolved in a more cost effective manner.

The video of your plumbing pipe can also be saved onto a digital computer disk and provided at your request. Following your service, our Plumbing Video Camera Inspections can also verify that obstructions have been eliminated and that your plumbing lines are now clean.

Plumbing Video Camera Inspections Provide Early Identification of Problems:

  • Broken, cracked or collapsed plumbing pipes - Damaged pipes that require repair or replacement
  • Offset plumbing pipe - A pipe that has become misaligned due to conditions such as shifting soil, frozen ground, settling, etc.
  • Blockage in your plumbing or sewer pipe - Proper flow is restricted due to foreign object, infiltration of roots, or build-up of grease in the plumbing line
  • Plumbing corrosion - The plumbing pipe has deteriorated and/or broken, which causes sections of the pipe to collapse and restrict water flow
  • Bellied plumbing pipes - When a section of the pipe becomes sunken due to conditions in the soil or ground, it results in a low point in the pipe that collects paper and waste
  • Leaking  joints in plumbing - Seals between connecting pipes deteriorate over time resulting in leaks
  • Root infiltration - Tree or shrub roots invade plumbing pipes or sewer lines, causing blockage, preventing normal cleaning, or causing damage to your plumbing pipe
  • Off-grade plumbing pipe - Existing pipes are constructed of substandard or outdated material; the plumbing pipe then may become corroded or deteriorated over time

 Finding A Problem Early Can Save You MONEY!

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